Three Reasons Why ISTQB Certification Is Essential For Your Business

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Three Reasons Why ISTQB Certification Is Essential For Your Business

At Cell Software, we provide a wide host of software testing services for businesses, from usability, performance and accessibility testing to app testing and test automation. Like any company with an in-house testing team, certifying our team helps us strive towards continuous improvement and has been a wise investment. However, it was not the only benefit.

In this post, we’re going to look at three key reasons why certifications, in particular, software testing specific certifications such as the ISTQB, can be so crucial to your business’s success.

Before we get into the three reasons, what is the ISTQB certification?

The ISTQB certification is operated by the International Software Testing Qualifications Board (ISTQB). The board is a non-profit organisation that was founded in Edinburgh in 2002 and currently operates globally.

The certification is a standardised qualification for software testers and is based on a syllabus focusing on different learning objectives and streams. To date, over 500,000 certifications have been issued. Levels of the qualification are the foundation, advanced and expert and streams are core, agile and specialist.

1. A more productive, efficient team

There is both a practical and cultural side to how certification improves productivity and efficiency in business. Culturally, it helps to create standards of professionalism that foster a better work environment. Studies into IT certifications from organisations like Microsoft and Novell have shown a measurable increase in productivity from those employees who have gone through the certification process vs those who have not. Certification provides real training in handling day-to-day challenges and problem solving using new technologies that your team may otherwise be slow to adopt.

What’s more, certification allows you to establish how work is completed in your business or group. Once everyone is trained to the same standards, they can rely on the same methodology, meaning a lower risk of error and wasted time.

2. Increased credibility for your team and business

Your customers and clients also benefit from the certifications your business and team gains. Certified companies can proudly wear their qualifications on their sleeve. When visiting your website, your customers can achieve peace-of-mind when seeing that you have the certifications relevant to the services that you provide. In the case of software development, digital or QA agencies, this could be the gold standard of ISTQB certified testers.

It’s all the proof that most consumers need that you can do exactly as you promise and can help you gain a substantial competitive edge over others in the market who might not have or display that certification. What’s more, it helps your employees build a level of credibility and trust when dealing directly with clients and customers. By being able to reference certifications as a shorthand, they can quickly communicate that they are the qualified experts needed for the job.

3. An ethos of improvement

Implementing certifications within businesses isn’t just a means to an end. It does more than help employees learn and improve the skills they need to do their job. It also communicates a clear message that can impact culture across the company: a workplace that values improvement and development.

As such, employees will be incentivised to develop themselves further, as well. Employees are more likely to seek their own training to stay competitive within the workplace, leading to a more engaged and motivated team. That ethos of improvement can be echoed across the team at all levels, creating a group that is serious about looking for better ways to solve problems, handle daily tasks, and collaborate on larger scale projects.

Final thoughts

Your team, your organisation, your customers, and even your company culture can all benefit greatly from a greater implementation of certifications. In the software testing world, the king is often the ISTQB certification, as it covers the fundamentals to ensure a sufficient amount of theoretical knowledge to complement practical experience.

If you want to know more about how to keep your team productive and competitive, why not enrol them in an ISTQB course, and also feel free to get in touch to learn more about the software testing services we offer.