Product Certification

Software Development & Testing

Product Certification

Ensuring compliance and integrity of your software products

Cell Software is a trusted supplier of software certification services, which we provide in collaboration with our integrated ‘test house’. Our testing experts certify your products to industry standards, eliminating risk, increasing efficiency and improving product quality.


When it comes to financing, mitigating risk is of the utmost importance. Our certification services ensure financial organisations are compliant with regulatory commitments and operating lawfully.

Digital Payments

Certification services covering the end-to-end spectrum of digital payments, from payment card manufacturers & issuers to terminal vendors and retailers. Promoting accurate and secure payments.

Mobile Security

Security is only as strong as its weakest link, and this is especially true when it comes to mobile. Our certification services are designed to help you ensure your products comply with mobile security standards.

Why certify your products?

Increased customer confidence & competitive advantage

Mitigation of risk, vulnerabilities and fines

More efficiency in product development lifecycles

Interested in our certification services?

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