Proof of Concept

Software Development & Testing

Proof of Concept

Evaluating the potential of concepts before taking the leap

Whether you’re embarking on a complex system roll-out, or simply contemplating the potential impact of new technology on end-users, determining the feasibility of your idea with a proof-of-concept is the perfect way to get started. Our expert consultants will work with your team to carry out product concept testing which informs your decision-making process before investing in a full-scale project, lowering risk and maximising results.

Technological Feasibility

This stage involves the rapid analysis of technology choice, with the aim of determining its ability to perform required tasks, and testing compatibility with other involved technologies present in the project.

Prototype Development

In this stage our team develops a prototype with the aim of demonstrating the usability and functionality of the potential system or application, as well as its ability to integrate with relevant external systems.


At this stage a full pilot system is developed and tested on a focus group of the intended audience, with the aim of providing insight into how it will be used, whilst identifying areas for improvement.

How could your organisation benefit

Address any potential concerns before implementing the final solution.

Receive expert advice from our technical consultants and development team.

Identify potential user requirements and expectations prior to launch.

Prioritise software requirements to avoid future changes and going over budget.

Ensure all initial requirements are met and request necessary adjustments.

Prioritise software requirements to avoid future changes and going over budget.

Gain peace of mind and lower business risk by testing concepts prior to making full investment.

Want to turn an idea for an app, website or system into a reality?

If you’re planning on developing a new system, application or website and are not sure whether it is a good idea, contact us.