Product Design Workshop

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Product Design Workshop

Move idea from ideas to execution with a Product Design Workshop.

Cell Software’s product managers, consultants and software designers host software product design & development workshops for clients, where we work with you to help turn your ideas into great products.

We start off asking initial questions to determine the target customer, build personas and define core product features. Once we have compiled that information, we progress to the workshop activities, which include the creation of flowcharts, wireframes, style guides and prototypes.


Flowcharts are used to guide the initial project flow. The flowcharts we create with you include vital information such as page layout, information architecture, user paths and interactions, including those specific to mobile.


Wireframes are used by us to further demonstrate detailed layouts prior to addressing visual design features. Wireframes help establish: hierarchy, layouts, element sizing, primary user actions and more.


Style guides provide a visual framework for your product. The guides we create contain: design rules for typography, icons, buttons and other visual assets relevant to your business and the software product.


Prototypes can be developed and designed to test and prove your product’s concept. For complex products this is essential and can result in cost and time savings, especially where changes to the product are suggested.

How your organisation could benefit

Insight and advice from experienced software designers and technical consultants.

Gain clarity around untested product visions.

Identify potential user requirements and product expectations.

Ensure brand consistency through comprehensive style guides.

Identify potential product design pitfalls before investing in development.

Increase efficiency and reduce software development time.

Want to turn an idea for an app, website or system into a reality?

Contact us to arrange a product design and development workshop, and we will guide you to getting your idea off the ground. To see who we’ve worked with in the past, check out our most recent projects.