Quality Processes

Software Development & Testing

Quality Processes

Enhancing processes to transform your business.

Cell Software’s approach to software process improvement is driven by value, utilising decades of experience to identify and enhance processes to minimise risk and deliver increased value to your business.

Whether your team is missing deadlines and targets or whether you want to simply improve performance, our expert team of business analysts and technical consultants can drastically improve your software development and testing processes from top to bottom.

Requirements Gathering

We place a great emphasis on developing close relationships with clients and therefore will have a deep understanding of your business, your customers and your goals. Therefore ensuring we get your projects off to the best possible start.

Project Management

Covering everything from project initiation and co-ordination to full management, Cell Software provides clients with skilled and experienced Project and Programme Managers. Whether it is an internal project involving your own staff, a project carried out by a third party, or a mixture of the two, our team has the expertise to ensure that projects are completed on time and within budget.

Agile Consulting

Agile provides a highly-flexible, focused and nimble way working, allowing teams to be more responsive to strategic changes and therefore be more efficient. Our specialist agile consultants can work with your organisation to manage your Agile environment. Whether you already have an Agile environment in place, or are new to the approach, our team at Cell Software will ensure you get the best out of the approach.

Business System Analysis

Our Business Systems Analysis service involves investigating specific business challenges or deficiencies to gain an understanding of your organisation’s requirements and identifying strengths and weaknesses of your existing systems. Our analysts then work with your team to set out key actionable points for improvement and set measurable goals that will help shape the success of your organisation.

Code Review

Great quality code can incite efficiency, cost-effectiveness and high-performance. Whether you’re ready to start a new software project or simply want to improve, our code reviews can give you the ammunition you need to take your software to the next level. Cell Software’s experienced consultants will explore every element of your code and will work with you to set out recommendations for improvement.

Our Consultants can also help with:

• Change Management

• Project Definition & Scoping

• Project Documentation

• Project Monitoring

• Project Quality Control

• Report Writing

• Resource Planning & Management

• Stakeholder Identification & Management

• Risk Analysis & Management

• Team Management

How your organisation could benefit

High Cost Savings

Diverse Resource Pool

Account Management Support

Onboarding Assistance

Scalable On-shore Capability

No Minimum Commitment

HR/Consultant Support

Excellent Retention & Service Continuity

Low Risk Resource

Adaptable & Flexible Service Offerings

Easy Access to Experts

Access to Specialised Knowledge Base

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