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Test Automation

Speeding up time to market and reduces cost for repetitive testing.

With our test automation services, you can reduce the costs and time associated with test execution by automating repetitive, time consuming tasks. Our test automation experts have extensive experience using market leading and open-source tools. Furthermore, our consultants can provide test automation services for businesses of all shapes and sizes, ensuring fast returns on investment.

Test Automation Benefits

Improve Time to Market

Test automation speeds up time to market as tests can be run quickly and are repeatable, especially when carrying out time consuming regression tests.

Lower Testing Costs

Automated testing can cut the costs associated with testing as less manual input is needed and processes are made more efficient.

Increased Productivity

By reducing the time required to carry out repetitive tasks, test automation can increase productivity.

Optimised Testing

Automated tests free up extra time to focus on testing functionality that may otherwise not be tested due to time constraints, thus optimising the whole test process.

Better Product Quality

Test automation does not overlook or ignore the things that humans can, therefore it reduces the possibility of human error and improves software quality.

Wider Test Coverage

Test automation provides greater test coverage than manual testing when it comes to large amounts of data.

What Our Clients Say

“I brought Cell Software in to support my team at VML on large scale eCommerce website builds not only to give us a flexible resource pool but to provide specialist skills with automation and to provide on the job training to our internal team to make our testing analysts the most professional in the world of digital marketing.”

 -Tim Ocock, Executive Technical Director, VML

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