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Retail & eCommerce

Ensuring flawless online experiences for your customers

Online experiences have become increasingly integral to retail businesses, as customers now expect websites, apps and in-store systems to integrate seamlessly. This includes online accessibility to store inventories, consistent promotions across all online and offline channels, and simple and fast checkout processes both in-store and online.

Cell Software has the necessary experience working with clients in the retail & eCommerce industry to understand its challenges and provide expert solutions. Our talented in-house testing team can test websites, mobile apps and in-store systems, using a wide range of devices, operating systems and browsers, to ensure flawless experiences for your customers.

Professional Testers With Retail Experience

Our software testers have vast amounts of retail & eCommerce experience, testing apps, websites and stock management systems, so you’re in safe hands.

Full Software Testing Coverage

With testers from a wide-range of backgrounds, various devices, browsers and operating systems to hand, and experience testing multiple systems, we ensure full coverage when testing applications, websites and systems.

On-Site & In-Store Software Testing

Our flexible team ensures that your in-store features work correctly in physical locations, using real devices to test systems on-site. Our teams are recruited to meet the specific requirements of the industries we work in, so we can deliver a bespoke solution catered to you.

Technical Testing Needs Catered For

Retail & eCommerce testing throws up unique demands. Our technical testers work with you and your suppliers to identify complex integration bugs between systems. This leads to more rapid identification and resolution of difficult to find defects.

What our clients say

I brought Cell Software in to support my team at VML on large scale eCommerce website builds not only to give us a flexible resource pool but to provide specialist skills with automation and to provide on the job training to our internal team to make our testing analysts the most professional in the world of digital marketing.

– Tim Ocock, Executive Technical Director, VML

Retail & eCommerce Software Challenges

Unlike other industries, which risk losing users if a website, app or system is not up to scratch, retailers also face the prospect of lost sales and non-returning customers if their experience is not satisfactory. Retail & eCommerce businesses face many challenges in creating successful experiences.

In-Store Mobile Apps

The biggest challenge with in-store mobile apps is accessibility. Apps usually rely on an internet source, and if Wifi or 3G/4G is not reliable users may not have a good experience.

Mobile Checkouts

Mobile checkouts can be challenging, especially with the range of factors that can affect customer experience such as speed, CTA placement and device compatibility.

Mass Audience Appeal

Appealing to a mass audience can be problematic for retailers for a number of reasons including device, operating system and browser compatibility and performance issues that come with high numbers of users.

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