#TestActually with Bhagya Perera – Hosted at Cell Software Offices

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#TestActually with Bhagya Perera – Hosted at Cell Software Offices

We’re excited to announce that Cell Software will be hosting and sponsoring the upcoming Ministry of Testing meetup “#TestActually with Bhagya Perera – How to bring change without permission”.

On Wednesday 7th of June at 6pm at our office – 3 Frederick Terrace, Frederick Place, Brighton, BN1 1AX, Bhagya Perera will be explaining how to bring change without permission, and how she got test automation into her team.

We’re also providing drinks and pizza, so don’t miss out and book tickets here.

More about the event:


Experience report: How to bring change without permission (how I got test automation into the team)

Sitting at your desk, testing another user story, you think of changing the process by adding more automated scripts to free your time for more exploratory testing. You propose end-to-end test automation on top of the small scale automation you already have, only to realise the attitudes are “that will not work here, we tried it before”. You still believe in it strongly, so where to go when you’re told not to do it?

In this talk, I will share my story of being the tester whose proposal got turned down for previous bad experiences. Instead of not doing the needed end-to-end automation, I made sure I did not compromise my regular work but still make time for working on this. Showing it can be done changed “it won’t work” to “This is really helpful”. Join me for learning how to break barriers for the things you believe in.


Bhagya Perera

Bhagya is a software testing enthusiast who is currently works for Reed Business Information (RBI), part of Reed Elsevier. She has a lot of experience working as an offshore team member and knows how much the experience can differ when it comes to on-site teams. Bhagya also co-hosts the RBI Global QA-chapter to help herself and other testers share experiences.


We will meet at Cell Software offices from 6 for drinks and pizza, kindly sponsored by Cell Software.

If you’re interested, book tickets here.